March 21, 2010: the 50th Anniversary of Archbishop Vitaly’s (Maksimenko) Repose

Фото имеет подпись: “Моему другу и соработнику Епископу Чилийско-Перуанскому Леонтию в память его 15-летия хиротонии во епископа. 13/26 ноября, 1956 г. Бронкс, Н.Й.”

Archbishop Vitaly’s entire life was a labor of obedience to Christ’s Church, to which he devoted his whole life without exception. The fruits of his service were the Pochaev publishing brotherhoods in Germany, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. Pravoslavnaya Rus’ (Orthodox Russia) and Holy Trinity Seminary are two legacies of Vladyka’s that we use to this day. Our especially dearest gift from Archbishop Vitaly, to use the expression of Archpriest Andre Papkov, is our ever-memorable Vladyka, Metropolitan Laurus, for whom Archbishop Vitaly served as a guiding beacon his entire life. Read the biography of Vladyka Vitaly presented by Deacon Andrei Psarev at the Pastoral Conference of the ROCOR Eastern American Diocese.

The photograph has the following inscription by Archbishop Vitaly: “To my friend and collegue, Bishop Leontii of Chile and Peru, in commemoration of the fifteenth anniversary of his episcopal concecration. November 13/26, 1956. Bronx, NY.”

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