Russian Liturgical Music Revival in the Diaspora

The fourth collection in the series “Readings in Russian Religious Culture” was published by the Foundation for Russian History.

Most of the articles were written at different times by Marina V. Ledkovsky, The articles are collected in a single volume for the first time. Also included are articles by well-known musicologists living both in Russia and in the diaspora, such as Johann von Gardner, Nicolas Shidlovsky and Svetlana Zvereva.

The distinguished Professor of Barnard College Dr. Ledkovsky explores some recondite historical themes of the Russian liturgical tradition in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. All of Dr. Ledkovsky’s articles are distinguished by the presence of two combined elements: an academic approach and the spirit of Russian Orthodox ecclesiality. Dr. Ledkovsky’s article about ROCOR composer and liturgical scholar Archbishop Gavriil (Chepur, + 1933) offers a striking illustration of this approach.

Readers of this website should also note the article by Marina V. Ledkovsky on ROCOR liturgical author Valerie Hoecke and the articles by Dr. Johnann von Gardner devoted to congregational singing. These articles were translated by Br. Isaak Lambertsen, who edits the English translation of Fr. George Seide’s history of the ROCOR that has been serialized on this Web site.

The 339-page volume contains 21 article. Price: $40.00
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