Биография К.В. Балкунова как источник по истории русской эмиграции

Сергей Грущин


Konstantin Vasilievich Balkunov was born in Bulgaria in 1923 to Russian émigré parents. During World War II he served in the Balkans with the Russian Guard Corps. After moving to the USA he became an active member of St. Michael...


Юрисдикционные споры в Русской Церкви Эмиграции и 1-ый Всезарубежный Собор в Карловцах в 1921 году

Продолжатели дела Преп. Нила Сорского и Иосифа Волцкого в русской эмиграции Название этой вступительной статьи Н. Зернова, дано редакцией сайта Вопросы Истории Русской Зарубежной Церкви. Фотография участников собора 1921 г. любезно предоставлена библиотекой Свято-Троицкой Духовной Семинарии в Джорданвилле, шт. Нью-Йорк....


The Russian Orthodox Diaspora: Copenhagen 1987-1988

Archpriest Sergei Plekhov, the rector of the Parish of St Alexander Nevsky in Copenhagen wanted to publish a book about the community, but found that he lacked certain information. When he asked me what I knew about the church life...


Русское церковное зарубежье: Копенгаген 1987-1988

Протоиерей Николай Артемов

Мюнхен Август 2015

The Russian Orthodox Diaspora: Copenhagen 1987-1988

Служащий в Копенгагене прот. Сергий Плехов решил издать книжечку про приход Св. Благовернаго князя Александра Невскаго, и сообщил, что у него есть пробелы в информации, попросил написать, что мне известно о церковной жизни в Копенгагене. Не мог я вспомнить точно,...


У колыбели одного фашизма: русский фашизм — орудие военной политики Японии

Вл. Лебедев

Париж 1934

This article contains analysis of the political circumstances that the ROCOR flock experienced in Manchukuo. Unfortunately, I could not establish the identity of the author and find information about this rare magazine, where I borrowed material. Настоящая статья содержит  факты и...


Two ROCOR Bishops and the Russian Old Believers in Oregon

John Hudanish

Foreword As I grow older and approach the end of my life, I feel obliged to record some observations on the Old Ritualist schism and the efforts to heal it, as well as some anecdotes describing my involvement in this...


Источники по истории генерала А.А. Власова и Русской Освободительной Армии (1942-1945): по материалам архивов ФРГ

М.А. Псарев (ур. Соцкова)

Москва 1999 г.

We are publishing an excerpt from the thesis written and defended under guidance of Dr. L.A. Molchanov at the Russian State University for the Humanities, History and Archives Institute, Department of Archives, Department of Historiography and Auxiliary Historical Disciplines (Moscow,...


600th Anniversary of the Repose of Saint Sergius of Radonezh at the Saint Sergius Cathedral in Parma (Cleveland), Ohio 1992

Michael Woerl

Jordanville, NY October 10, 2014

it had only been two years since the consecrations of Bishops Varnava (Prokofieff) and Lazarus (Zhurbenko) were revealed publicly-both had been consecrated secretly. Bishop Veniamin (Rusalenko) had only been consecrated only a year earlier. Much protest arose from the Moscow Patriarchate, and the other Orthodox Churches … The distressing eviction of monks of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia from the Skete of the Holy Prophet Elias, and their ejection from Mount Athos, were undoubtedly related to the controversy. The climate became tense, as well, here in the United States.