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  1. Каталог Выставки Посвященной Митрополиту Антонию (Храповицкому) says:

    Содержит описание экспонатов выставки проходившей при Свято-Троицкой семинарии в октябре 2006 г. – документов, писем, литургических принадлежностей.
    An insert containing an English translation of the Metropolitan Anthony’s catalog listings is available upon request. $20+($4 P&H in the US)
    THE HOLY TRINITY MONASTERY BOOKSTORE, P.O.Box 36, Jordanville, NY 13361-0036

  2. Gary Dippel says:

    This is a very interesting site and reflects a mammoth effort! Many thanks for your excellent work!

  3. Nick Maas says:

    Thank you for doing an incredible service for the Russian Church. This is exactly the kind of resource we need for students and serious inquirers.

    Nick Maas,
    Webmaster, All Saints Library

  4. Nathaniel Sorochka says:

    Thank you for this wonderful page! I enjoy reading it and learning from it. I do have a question, do you or can you give some infomation about Archbishop Appolinary? Once again, Thank You!

  5. Andrei Psarev says:

    Dear Subdeacon Nathaniel,
    Thank you for your kind words. You may find some info on Archbishop Apolinarii in the HTS archives:

  6. Nathaniel Sorochka says:

    Thank you for the information! Archbishop Apolinarii and Archbishop Adam (Phillopovsky) blessed the cornerstone of our Church in 1930. This was very vital during the years of the court case which our church went through in the 1980′s. It was good to see you again, and Thank You!

  7. Bishop Jerome says:

    Fr. Georgy Tiapko wants to relocate from California to some parish in the Eastern or Central parts of the United States, due to the altitude causing problems for his matushka’s health. His phone number: 775-657-4310.

  8. Fr. Michael Carney says:

    Dear Fr. Andrei,

    Congratulations with your ordination! May the Lord strengthen you in your service.

    I`m grateful for your efforts and look forward to seeing new things come up on the website.

    My only complaint (now how did you suspect that one was coming? – isn`t it the case that very few people write simply to congratulate and praise?! =:-0 ) is….

    Could you please have mercy on us old timers with weak eyes and print interviews (such as the `part 2` conversation with Sr. Vassa) in a large font?

    I for one would be grateful.

    Father, I hope to meet you the next time I`m in Jordanville. If your travels ever bring you to Michigan, you are welcome to stay at our guestroom.

    Fr. Michael Carney
    St. Herman Orthodox Church
    Lake Odessa, MI

  9. Nov 04, 2009 says:

    Dear Abouna John-Alexis, You are looking for the information not on archbishop of Berlin, but on Archbishop Seraphim of W. Europe.Some information on him should be available at the Lambath Palace archives. Here is a short biographical record from the English translation of Dr. Seide`s book Geschichle der Russischen Orthodoxen Kirche im Ausland von der Grundung bis in die Gegenwart Otto Harassowitz Munich, Germany 1983 I hope this helps, Deacon Andrei Psarev METROPOLITAN SERAPHIM (Alexander Lukianov, b. 1879 in Saratov, d. 1959 in the Soviet Union) Establishment and Structure until 1944/45 55 VI 1 1914 Bishop of Serdobolsk Born in Saratov, he attended parochial school and 1897-1900 seminary there and then 1900-04 Kazan Theological Academy. 1902 tonsured a monk, 1903 ordained to the priesthood. After graduating from the Kazan Academy, assistant professor of the seminary in Ufa, from 1906 inspector in Ufa. 1907 archimandrite and president of the seminary in Tavricheskoe, 1911 president of the seminary in Saratov. 1904 Bishop of Serdobolsk, Vicar Bishop of the Diocese of Finland. 1917 participated in the Council. 1918 Bishop of Finland, 1920 archbishop. When the Orthodox community in Finland joined the Ecumenical Patriarchate, he protested and refused to recognize Bishop Herman (Ava), whom Constantinople had appointed. He finally had to leave Finland under pressure from the authorities and was appointed rector of the Orthodox parishes in England, with his see in London. He became Vicar Bishop to Eulogius. After the break between Evlogy and the Synod, Archbishop Seraphim remained faithful to the Church Abroad, who in turn entrusted him with the leadership of the Western European Diocese with his see in Paris. His authority is to thank for the fact that the Church Abroad was able to build up numerous parishes in subsequent years in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Italy. For his services in consolidating parish life in the Western European Diocese, he was elevated to metropolitan in 1938 during the Second All-Diaspora Council. In August 1945 he negotiated with Metropolitan Nicholas (Yarushevich) and joined the Patriarchate with a part of his parishes. Upon the death of Metropolitan Evlogy, who had likewise joined the Moscow Patriarchate, he became Exarch of Western Europe. As such he bore the title of Metropolitan of Brussels and Belgium, Exarch for Western Europe. In 1949 “due to ill health” he was retired. In 1954 he returned to the Soviet Union, where in 1959 he died in Gerbovetsky Monastery (Moldavia). S: Sostav, p. 39; Tserk. Vedomosti (1926) 13-14, pp. 10-11; JMP (1959) 12, pp. 26-30; Ostkirchliche Studien (1968) p. 217; Russie et Chretiente (1938-39) p. 238.

  10. Abouna John-Alexis Salter says:

    Dear Mr Psarev, Father Alexis of St. Edward`s, Brookwood, suggested I write to you. I am writing the biography of the Revd. Henry Joy Fynes- Clinton, an Anglican priest who did a great deal of work for Russian and Serbian refugees and was a great friend of the New Martyr of Russia, Grand Princess Elizabetjh Feodrovna. Fynes- Clinton had also worked as a tutor, before ordination in Imperial Russia, in Moscow, and was a great friend of Archimandrite Nicholas Gibbes, former English tutor to HIH the Tzarevich Alexis Nicholaievitch. On the return of Fynes- Clinton and Fr Nicholas to England they invited Archbishop Seraphim to consecrate some ground in the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, on which an Orlhodox chapel would be built. I believe he was Archbishop in Berlin. He consecrated the ground, but the actual chapel, designed by Fr Nicholas, was consecrated by Archbishop Savva of Grodno of the Polish Orthodox Church, and is still in use today, but under the Moscow Patriarchate. Please forgive my troubling you with this request, but I would like to know more about Archbishop Seraphim. With many thanks and all good wishes, (Abouna) John-Alexis Salter, Patriarchal Priest of the Melkte Greek Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch and All The East. 1, St James`s Close, Bishop Street, Islington, London, N1 8PH United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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