Does this site represent the opposition to the ROCOR Synod of Bishops?

Not at all. This site was established by Subdeacon Andrei Psarev, a loyal member of the ROCOR, in order to compensate for what he perceives to be a deficiency in existing means of informal communication and also to facilitate fundraising for research projects.

How can I support this initiative?

a. Please refer this site to those who are interested in the history of the ROCOR.

b.Please submit your own materials for publication on this site, or inform the editor of any interesting leads.

c. Make a contribution to support this site; you may do this via PayPal or you may send a check made out to ‘Andrei Psarev’ to the following address: Andrei Psarev, P. O. Box 85, Jordanville, NY 13361.

How do I know that funds have been used appropriately?

This site offers exclusive materials. It takes time to find and prepare them. Your donations subsidize the costs of hosting and maintaining this Web site.

When will we see the Life of Vladika Leontii in English?

After the publication of the Russian edition. Please let me know if you are interested in translating it into English.


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