Воспоминания карловчанина о митрополите Антонии (Храповицком)

Протоиерей Феодор Шевцов

Шэлтон, Коннектикут 8 ноября, 2014 г.

Recollections of a Karlovite about Metropolitan Antonii

Протоиерей Феодор Шевцов родился в Сербии в 1929 году. Его поистине можно назвать карловчанином так как с 1934 по 1937 гг. он с семьей жил в Сремских Карловцах. О. Феодор является единственным ныне здравствующим прислужником и прихожанином храма РПЦЗ в...


Recollections of a Karlovite about Metropolitan Antonii

Archpriest Feodor Shevtsov

Shelton, CT November 8, 2014

Archpriest Feodor Shevtsov was born in Serbia in 1929. He can truly be called a “karlovite” as from 1934 to 1937, he and his family lived in Sremski Karlovci. Today, Fr. Feodor is the only surviving altar server and parishioner...


Sister Vassa (Larin), ” I also Experienced, Together With My Church, the Very Unique Changes We Underwent”

Conducted by Deacon Andrei Psarev

Vienna, September 25, 2014

I find myself still processing this immense transition, and learning from it. I now cross paths with other Orthodox jurisdictions on a regular basis, and am often very impressed by the vibrant church-life that I observe there. This kind of capacity to change, demonstrated by our Church in recent years, is very unique in the history of church divisions, and I am grateful to be part of it.


Matushka Maria Potapov on St. John of Shanghai, “I Remember How the Unfortunate were Always Surrounding Him”

М.С. Потопова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди” In 2011 during her expeditions through the Russian diaspora, Maria Reshetnikov recorded this short account by Matushka Maria Sergeevna Potapov, who grew up in France in the Russian Church Abroaid. This is...


М.С. Потапова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди”

В 2011 г. во время своих экспедиций по русскому зарубежью Мария Решетникова записал это короткий сюжет с матушкой Марией Сергеевной Потаповой, выросшей во Франции в Русской Зарубежной Церкви.


Parish Councils Provide an Opportunity for Conciliar Work Within the Russian Church Abroad

Archbishop Mark

London July 16, 2014

Of course, we should follow what’s going on in Russia, the Church and the society. But first and foremost, we should be concerned with matters of our own salvation and of the faithful around us.


Invariably the “Russianness,” is Going to Dissipate With Every Congregation

Alena Kozhevnikova

Rye, Sussex July 11, 2014

Mind you, I used to annoy some of my colleagues in another job I had. They'd say something about God, and I'd say, "Of course God speaks Church Slavonic. He's a Russian." But when you look at it, it's ridiculous.


Митрополит Антоний Сурожский, “Русская Зарубежная Церковь Богу мила”

Алена Кожевникова

Рай, Суссекс 11 июля, 2014 г.

We are publishing this interview in Russian for the one hundredth anniversary of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh’s birth.  Alena Kozhevnikova was born in Serbia, then went to Germany to a camp for displaced persons in  Schleissheim and finally to Melbourne,...