Dear reader,

My most cordial greetings on this unique day of our hope and inspiration: Messiah, having risen on the third day according to the Scriptures, shows us the light. Indeed Christ is Risen!

Thank you for your continuing interest,

Deacon Andrei Psarev, Editor

The Day of Pascha, 2021

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A Zoom Meet-Up. Tuesday, May 4

I am inviting you to meet over ZOOM. I would like to tell you about the forthcoming conference in Serbia and my book. And I hope to learn how has your Pascha been.

A Great Paschal Vesper in Jordanville (1986/87)

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию запись великой вечерни первого дня Светлого Христова Воскресения, сделанную в Джорданвилле в 1986 или 1987 г.
Great Paschal Vespers in Jordanville (1986/87)
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