Dear reader,

I hope all of you are well. Greetings on Sts Herman and Spyridon's feasts and to those who celebrate Christ's nativity now: Merry Christmas!

I did not have time to send this update earlier. I traveled intensively following the conference in Belgrade, then have been busy with conference questionaries, writing an article about it, sending thank-you kits to those of you who supported us, teaching weekly nine + hours of classes, and so on. I was humbled that our bishops at the last Synod meeting decided to make me a protodeacon. This was done by His Grace Bishop Luke on St. Nicholas' feast in Jordanville.

Thank you for your continuing interest,
Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, Director

December 24, 2021

An Intellectual Feast in Belgrade

A conference commemorating the centenary of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s decision to take in Russian refugees (November 23–25, 2021).
15 November 22

Интеллектуальный пир в Белграде

Конференция, посвященная столетию решения о приеме русских беженцев Сербской Православной Церковью. 23-25 ноября, 2021 г.
Интеллектуальный пир в Белграде

About Our Unity in Disunity and Value of Historical Studies

Interview with Deacon Andrei Psarev, Professor at Holy Trinity Seminary, Jordanville, NY

О единении в разобщении и конференции в Сербии

Интервью профессора Свято-Троицкой духовной академии (Джорданвилль) диакона Андрея Псарева порталу Global Orhodox
О единении в разобщении и конференции в Сербии
ROCOR Studies
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