Dear reader,

I believe that you, like me, are devastated by the Russian incursion in sovereign Ukraine. It is heartrending to receive messages from one's good acquaintances informing of how they and their beloved ones are struggling to survive in a country that has been torn apart.

In November of last year, I went from Belgrade to Geneva to interview
Dr. Tikhon I. Troyanov. It was neither an easy nor inexpensive
trip. Suffice to mention a heavy army presence at the transfer at the airport in Vienna (due to COVID) and the need to obtain a Swiss PCI (QR code) in Geneva.
However, while recently editing the interview transcript, I nonetheless
felt deeply rewarded. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do. If you
do, there is a link below this newsletter to support my work. I cannot
do this alone.

Great Lent begins this coming Monday. I ask for your forgiveness for my
many "blind spots" (my trespasses against you of which I may not be
aware) and for scandalizing you in any way.

Thank you for your continuing interest,

Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, Director

March 3, 2022

«Часто пытаются говорить не о главном, а о каких-то своих обидах и разочарованиях»

Жизененный опыт д-ра Троянова сформировался в русской диаспоре в Сербии и на Западе, Швейцарии и России.
Secretan Troyanov

"People Often Don Not Talk About What’s Important, but Rather about Their Grievances and Frustrations"

Dr. Troyanov's life experience has encompassed the Russian diaspora in Serbia and the West, and such different countries as Switzerland, and Russia.
ROCOR Studies
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