Киев Архиепископа Леонтия 8

Покровский храм на Приорке, где в 1930-ые годы, служил будущий архиеп. Леонтий. К сожалению по понедельникам храм закрыт и не получилось снять его интерьер. Видны следы от неразорвавшегося снаряда и пуль.

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  1. Hello my name is Shawn Beekman and I desperately need to ask for your churches help. My fiancé and I have two beautiful babies together and I was introduced to the old believer community after the kids were born. Her and I want deeply to get married correctly in her mothers eyes, the eyes of the lord, and also the community. I’ve done exstensive research on the old believer community, it’s history and also that of the church and it’s something I really believe in, and I’d like to raise my children with her in the willamite valley. Please help!!

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