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Matushka Maria Potapov on St. John of Shanghai, “I Remember How the Unfortunate were Always Surrounding Him”

М.С. Потопова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди” In 2011 during her expeditions through the Russian diaspora, Maria Reshetnikov recorded this short account by Matushka Maria Sergeevna Potapov, who grew up in France in the Russian Church Abroaid. This is...


М.С. Потапова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди”

В 2011 г. во время своих экспедиций по русскому зарубежью Мария Решетникова записал это короткий сюжет с матушкой Марией Сергеевной Потаповой, выросшей во Франции в Русской Зарубежной Церкви.


My Life’s Journey: the Memoirs of Metropolitan Evlogy. 2 vols. New York: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2014

John M Harwood

Hastings, UK July 20, 2014

Nearly every section of this book is fascinating and even those who most strongly disagree with the path which Metropolitan Evlogy took in the Paris emigration will not fail to appreciate the historical value of his version of events. For example, the author many time emphasises the “temporary” nature of his submission to Constantinople - that it is until the Church in Russia is freed and so on.


“Святитель Иоанн не шёл на компромиссы, ни с самим собой, ни с ситуациями”

Мария Решетникова, беседовал диакон Андрей Псарев

Джорданвилл, Н.Й. 24 мая, 2014 г.

“St. John Didn’t go in for Compromises, Neither With Himself Nor With situations”

Первые восемь лет я купалась в эйфории, в Белой эмиграции, и это оправдано, потому что я открыла для себя новую историю, которой в Советском Союзе не было. Потом понадобилось ещё пять лет последних, чтобы понять, что своего рода идеология существует по обе стороны баррикад, и истинная история произошедшего после 17-го года или даже начиная с начала века, в Первую Мировую войну, и что касается предательства царя и т.д., - лежит посередине.


“St. John Didn’t go in for Compromises, Neither With Himself Nor With situations”

Maria Reshetnikova, Conducted by Deacon Andrei

Jordanville, NY May 24, 2014

For the first eight years [of my immigration] I was bathed in euphoria in the White emigration. And this was justified, because I'd opened up a new story for myself, which did not exist in the Soviet Union. It took me five more years to understand that my kind of ideology exists on both sides of the barricade, and the true history of what's come to pass since the 1700's, or even since the beginning of the [last] century, in the First World War, and of what the betrayal of the Tsar means, etc. -- the true history lies somewhere in the middle.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware: “ROCOR’s Emphasis On Ascetic and Liturgical Tradition is Very Much Needed Today”

Conducted by Deacon Andrei Psarev

Oxford June 3, 2013,

When I told Fr. George Grabbe, the future Archbishop Gregory, that I had been told that I should not go to Communion in Greek churches if I received Communion in the Russian Church Abroad, he was very indignant. He said, "Who told you that?!" I didn't mention Fr. Constantine's name because I didn't want to make trouble. I just said, "Oh, well -- I heard this." At that time Fr. George Grabbe was very definite: "We are in Communion with the other Orthodox Churches, except for the Moscow Patriarchate, and except for difficulties in Jerusalem."


«Сердце и душа верующего англичанина не исчерпываются утилитарными целями и планами»: отношения Митрополита Антония (Храповицкого) с англиканами

Митрополит Антоний первый предстоятель Русской Зарубежной Церкви – известной своим непримиримым отношением к экуменическому движению – поддерживал тесные контакты с англиканами. На основании многочисленных документов в статье анализируется как личное отношение митрополита Антония к англиканам, так и в целом его...


‘The Soul and Heart of A Faithful Englishman is not Limited by Utilitarian Goals and Plans’: the Relations of Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitskii with the Anglican Church

To Brandon Gallaher Introduction Metropolitan Anthony is rather a known quantity in terms of Russian church history. However, having had the opportunity to examine the Canon Douglas archive in Lambeth Palace Library in London and a variety of rare serials,...