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Dates of the Repose of ROCOR Hierarchs (by name)

This list contains the names of all hierarchs who died within the Russian Church Outside of Russia. It does not include those who left ROCOR before their death.

This list contains the names of all hierarchs who died within the Russian Church Outside of Russia. It does not include those who left ROCOR before their death.

First Hierarchs

Metropolitan Anthony 28 July/10 August 1936

Metropolitan Anastasius 8/21 May 1965

Metropolitan Philaret 8/21 November 1985

Metropolitan Vitaly 12/25 September 2006

Metropolitan Laurus 3/16 March 2008


Metropolitan Innocent of Peking & China 15/28 June 1931

Metropolitan Methodius of Harbin & Manchuria 15/28 March 1932

Metropolitan Panteleimon of Minsk & Byelorussia 17/30 December 1950

Metropolitan Seraphim of Berlin & Germany 1/14 September 1950


Archbishop Averky of Syracuse & Trinity 31 March/13 April 1976

Archbishop Alexander of Berlin & Germany 29 August/11 September 1976

Ambrose, ret. Archbishop of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania 26 November/9 December 1975

Archbishop Andrew of Rockland 29 June/12 July 1978

Archbishop Anthony of Geneva & Western Europe 25 August/7 September 1993

Archbishop Anthony of Los Angeles & Southern California 18/31 July 1996

Archbishop Anthony of Western America & San Francisc 10/23 September 2000

Archbishop Athanasius of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay 21 October/3 November 1983

Archbishop Apollinarius of North America 6/19 June 1933

Archbishop Benedict of Berlin & Germany 21 August/3 September 1950

Archbishop Damian of Tsarytsin 6/19 April 1936

Demetrius, ret. Archbishop of Wilkes-Barre & Eastern Pennsylvania 19 March/1 April 1970

Archbishop Eusebius of Narva & Izborsk 31 July/12 August 1929

Archbishop Gabriel of Chelyabinsk & Troitsa 11/14 March 1933

Archbishop Gregory of Chicago & Cleveland 13/26 October 1957

Archbishop Hieronymus of Detroit & Flint 1/14 May 1957

Archbishop Joasaph of Argentina & Paraguay 13/26 November 1955

Saint John, Archbishop of Western America & San Francisco 19 June/2 July 1966

Archbishop Leontius of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chile & Paraguay 19 June/2 July 1971

Archbishop Nathanael of Vienna & Austria 27 October/8 November 1986

Archbishop Nicodemus of Richmond & Great Britain 4/17 October 1976

Archbishop Nicon of Washington & Florida 22 August/4 September 1976

Paul, ret. Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 2/15 February 1995

Archbishop Philotheus of Berlin & Germany 11/24 September 1986

Archbishop Sabbas of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 4/17 April 1976

Archbishop Seraphim of Chicago, Detroit & the Midwest 12/25 July 1987

Seraphim, ret. Archbishop of Caracas & Venezuela 31 August/13 September 1996

Seraphim, ret. Archbishop of Western Europe 2003

Archbishop Sergius of Chernomorsk & Novorossisk 11/24 January 1935

Archbishop Simon of Peking & China 11/24 February 1933

Archbishop Stephen of Vienna & Austria 12/25 January 1965

Archbishop Theodore of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 23 April/6 May 1955

Archbishop Theodosius of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 31 July/13 August 1980

Archbishop Theodosius of São Paolo & Brazil 13/29 February 1968

Archbishop Theophanes of Kursk 23 May/5 June 1943

Theophanes, ret. Archbishop of Poltava 6/19 February 1940

Tikhon, ret. Archbishop of Berlin & Germany 11/24 February 1945

Archbishop Tikhon of Western America & San Francisco 17/30 March 1963

Archbishop Vitaly of Eastern America & Jersey City 8/21 March 1960


Bishop Agapetus of Goiânia (Brazil) 27 August/9 September 1966

Bishop Alexander of Buenos Aires & South America 30 August/13 September 2005

Ambrose, ret. Bishop of Vevey 9/22 July 2009

Bishop Anthony of Alaska & the Aleutians 15/28 March 1934

Bishop Basil of Vienna & Austria 10/23 October 1945

Constantine, ret. Bishop of Boston 18/31 May 1996

Daniel, Bishop of Erie for the Old Rite 13/26 April 2010

Bishop Elias of Salma & Urmia December 1928

Bishop Eulogius of Caracas & Venezuela 11/24 March 1951

Gregory, ret. Bishop of Washington & Florida 24 September/7 October 1995

Bishop Innocent of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay 10/23 December 1987

Saint Jonah, Bishop of Tiantsin 7/20 October 1925

Bishop John of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay 20 February/5 March 1995

John, ret. Bishop of Salma & Urmia 12/25 March 1962

Bishop Leontius of Geneva 6/19 August 1956

Bishop Metrophanes of Boston 2/15 2002

Bishop Michael of Alexandrovsk 9/22 September 1925

Bishop Michael of Cheboksar 9/22 July 1925

Bishop Nectarius of Seattle 4/26 January 1983

Bishop Nicander of São Paolo & Brazil 2/19 December 1987

Bishop Nicholas of London 12/25 December 1931

Sabbas, ret. Bishop of Edmonton 17/30 January 1973


  • This is an interesting and helpful list. However, I have a few comments: 1. Can it be said with accuracy that Metropolitan Vitaly died `within our Church.? 2. I have the date of death for Archbishop Antony of Geneva & Western Europe (note spelling of Christian name) as 2 October 1993 ns. Is that inaccurate? 2. I have the date of death for Archbishop Nathanael of Vienna and Austria as 10 November 1986 ns. Is that inaccurate? 3. Archbishop Nikodem of Richmond and Great Britain was always known as Nikodem (and continues to be known as Nikodem). The name was never translated as `Nicodemus.` 4. When he died, Bishop Constantine was the retired Bishop of Richmond and Great Britain. He had retired from the see of Boston some years prior to be translated to London. 5. Bishop Nicholas of London died on 11 October 1932 ns, not 25 December, 1931 ns. 6. A revised and corrected version of this list might helpfully include surnames also. If my understanding of these dates is incorrect, please kindly tell me. Wishing you a joyful Pascha, Nicolas

  • Christ is Risen! Although I too have a few questions-if Evsevy (Eusebius) of Narva was ever even in the Church Abroad, it does not seem possible that he reposed as a Hierarch of the Church Abroad … also wondering if Bp Gregory (Grabbe) can be included as a Hierarch who reposed within the Church Abroad…didnt he specifically request that `no representatives` of the Church Abroad show up at his funeral? Despite my questions, I must congratulate Isaac for the great amount of hard work that it took to compile this list. While compiling a list of all the Bishops who have served the Church ABroad since its beginnings in 1920 seems to be a rather easy task of just copying from official records-that is not the case at all! I wont even go into all the various maneuvers that I think had to be made to unearth all this information…it would take hours to type! Thank you for all your hard work, Isaac!

  • Sorry, I have to ask: Why `Anastasius` and `Laurus,` but not `Antonius,` `Philaretos,` and `Vitalis?` Personally, I prefer the Russian forms for two reasons: I am sure all were addressed by the Russian form of the name for the great majority of their tenures as hierarchs, and the Russian forms are so much more…melodious! Easy on the ear…but I suppose that`s just me! It seems, though, that the inconsistency is sort of confusing. But, it isn`t my list, either!

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