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Graduate Level Lectures on ROCOR History Offered Online

Graduate Level Lectures on ROCOR History Offered Online

Patreon allows you to subscribe to a unique course on the history of the Russian Church Abroad and support ROCOR Studies Web site.

On March 1, 2016 in the e-bulletin # 122, I appealed to readers of ROCOR Studies to sponsor translation of the eleven texts used in Holy Trinity Seminary’s graduate class on ROCOR History and Identity. The total cost of all translations was more than $1000. Sponsors were found for each text, and they have now been translated. I am most grateful to President Inna Orlova of the Charitable Fund Orientir, the Fellowship of St. Alban and Sergius, the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Church Abroad, the Very Rev. Jovan B. Marjanac, Sergei Baranov, Reader Maximus Scott, and Subdeacon John Svensen. Since the seminary has yet not been accredited as a graduate school, this unique class has not been offered in the regular program. However,  the class is available to online subscribers via Patreon for $10/month.

If you are not interested in this particular course, but the ongoing work of our Web site is important to you, please support us through Patreon.


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