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The Work on the “Textbook” Resumes

The Work on the “Textbook” Resumes Putin candle

About the new project on the history of the Russian Church in the homeland and diaspora

In 2014 Deacon Andrei began work on a book explaining the past hundred years of the history of the Russian Church. His work on his dissertation did not allow time for “a parallel track” and the work on the textbook was postponed until after the successful defense of his dissertation “Chasing Canon 15 of the First and Second Council in Constantinople (861): a Study of the Limits of Communion in the Byzantine Church (861- C.1350).

After the ceremony of the award of the degree of PhD on June 28, 2019, at Queen’s University Belfast, the work on the “textbook” comes to the top of Deacon Andrei’s priorities. By the invitation of Holy Trinity Publications, Deacon Andrei has submitted a proposal and is now is awaiting a contract. This textbook will provide an intensive analysis, with excerpts from representative documents and a reader-friendly layout. The work is able to go forward now thanks to the support of the St. Innocent Press and backers from the Kickstarter platform.

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