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Otrada Approves ROCOR Studies for Another Grant

Otrada Approves ROCOR Studies for Another Grant

In May of this year American-Russian Aid Association – Otrada, Inc. approved ROCOR Studies for a $1500 grant supporting ROCOR Studies’ mission to make historically crucial materials available in both Russian and English. From this indispensable grant, we have used $1496.65 to pay for the 13 translations of the materials mostly in English and some Russian. Almost all of them have been posted here and a few will be posted here soon. In November Otrada approved us for another $1500 grant of which $500 has already been used to pay for the translation of the ground-breaking study on the ROCOR and Holocaust. We are very encouraged by this vote of confidence and thank Otrada for its generosity. But we still need your help as well to spend time editing and translating. Out of $10.000 for 2019-2020 we have so far collected $4599.

You may donate at GoFundMe or using PayPal.

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