Deacon Andrei Psarev Plavsic, Alena Serbia 2021

Everything You’He Ever Wondered About ROCOR’s History and Traditions

Everything You'He Ever Wondered About ROCOR's History and Traditions

Have you ever wondered why our Church does certain things a certain way? The easiest – if one of the most painful examples – is why ROCOR has a history of not paying clergy…

Some others are: Why do we have a Synod? Why do we have diocesan and parish councils?
How do bishops, clergy, and laity interact with each other?

If you’ve always wondered about ROCOR’s mindset, we can give you a very engaging answer.ROCOR’s own historian Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, founder and director of will join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, January 26th, at 1 p.m. EST.

Register HERE.

Everything you’ve ever wondered about the history and traditions of ROCOR.
And even – what it means for you and our whole Church today and in the future. You can ask questions during the webinar on Zoom.

Please, spread the word to all your ROCOR history buffs and/or all those who have questions about WHY ROCOR does certain things a certain way.


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