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Be Part of the Preservation of History!

Oral history is an important source. For years, I have been in possession of interviews, sermons, talks, and liturgical chants that have been recorded on tape, and been trying to make arrangements with Jordanville seminarians to have these tapes converted to a digital format – all to no avail.

Now, I have someone, a recent migrant from the Russian Federation, who has already converted 44 hours of recordings. We have paid him 472 dollars for this job.

Among the many recordings that he has recovered are various interviews that I took while working on a book about Archbishop Leonty of Chile (+1971). He has also converted my 1998 interview with Hiero-Schemamonk John (Ioanikios) Abernathy on the old Jordanville. Now we are working on a transcription of this interview. Finally, he has converted some recordings of chants; you may listen to them here.

If you care about all this, I would kindly ask you to consider chipping in. I would like to collect $1500 in total for this work. Remember that there is no such a thing as an insignificant donation. ROCOR Studies is the only establishment in the Russian Church Abroad specialized at the history of our church. Be part of something big!
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