Unprecedented Manual on ROCOR History Now Available

Deacon Andrei Psarev

Jordanville, NY October 18, 2014

Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen: The Three Hundred Year History of a Russian Orthodox Church in London, by Protodeacon Christopher Birchall. Holy Trinity Publications. The Printshop of St. Job of Pochaev. Jordanville, NY 2014. Paper/hardback.   Once I picked up this hefty brick of a book (700+ pp!), it took an effort of will to put it down. What a spectacular voyage through time I might have had, if only I could have affored the time to immerse myself in this intense encyclopedia of Russian church life in England.  Since 1988 I have been studying history of the Russian Church...

600th Anniversary of the Repose of Saint Sergius of Radonezh at the Saint Sergius Cathedral in Parma (Cleveland), Ohio 1992

Michael Woerl

Jordanville, NY October 10, 2014

it had only been two years since the consecrations of Bishops Varnava (Prokofieff) and Lazarus (Zhurbenko) were revealed publicly-both had been consecrated secretly. Bishop Veniamin (Rusalenko) had only been consecrated only a year earlier. Much protest arose from the Moscow Patriarchate, and the other Orthodox Churches … The distressing eviction of monks of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia from the Skete of the Holy Prophet Elias, and their ejection from Mount Athos, were undoubtedly related to the controversy. The climate became tense, as well, here in the United States.


Sister Vassa (Larin), ” I also Experienced, Together With My Church, the Very Unique Changes We Underwent”

Conducted by Deacon Andrei Psarev

Vienna, September 25, 2014

I find myself still processing this immense transition, and learning from it. I now cross paths with other Orthodox jurisdictions on a regular basis, and am often very impressed by the vibrant church-life that I observe there. This kind of capacity to change, demonstrated by our Church in recent years, is very unique in the history of church divisions, and I am grateful to be part of it.


Matushka Maria Potapov on St. John of Shanghai, “I Remember How the Unfortunate were Always Surrounding Him”

М.С. Потопова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди” In 2011 during her expeditions through the Russian diaspora, Maria Reshetnikov recorded this short account by Matushka Maria Sergeevna Potapov, who grew up in France in the Russian Church Abroaid. This is...


М.С. Потапова, “Вокруг него всегда были несчастные люди”

В 2011 г. во время своих экспедиций по русскому зарубежью Мария Решетникова записал это короткий сюжет с матушкой Марией Сергеевной Потаповой, выросшей во Франции в Русской Зарубежной Церкви.


Parish Councils Provide an Opportunity for Conciliar Work Within the Russian Church Abroad

Archbishop Mark

London July 16, 2014

Of course, we should follow what’s going on in Russia, the Church and the society. But first and foremost, we should be concerned with matters of our own salvation and of the faithful around us.


Invariably the “Russianness,” is Going to Dissipate With Every Congregation

Alena Kozhevnikova

Rye, Sussex July 11, 2014

Mind you, I used to annoy some of my colleagues in another job I had. They'd say something about God, and I'd say, "Of course God speaks Church Slavonic. He's a Russian." But when you look at it, it's ridiculous.


Митрополит Антоний Сурожский, “Русская Зарубежная Церковь Богу мила”

Алена Кожевникова

Рай, Суссекс 11 июля, 2014 г.

We are publishing this interview in Russian for the one hundredth anniversary of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh’s birth.  Alena Kozhevnikova was born in Serbia, then went to Germany to a camp for displaced persons in  Schleissheim and finally to Melbourne,...


My Life’s Journey: the Memoirs of Metropolitan Evlogy. 2 vols. New York: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2014

John M Harwood

Hastings, UK July 20, 2014

Nearly every section of this book is fascinating and even those who most strongly disagree with the path which Metropolitan Evlogy took in the Paris emigration will not fail to appreciate the historical value of his version of events. For example, the author many time emphasises the “temporary” nature of his submission to Constantinople - that it is until the Church in Russia is freed and so on.


In Focus

Fund for Assistance to the Russian Church Abroad Features the Editor of this Web Site and His Family in its Annual 2013 Report

Every time you give to FFA, someone like Deacon Andrei Psarev works hard to honor your generosity. Because without you, his story may have been very different. Jordanville, NY, is not easy place to live — especially if you have...



Русская Православная Зарубежная Церковь. 1928-1938. По материалам польских заграничных служб

Ян Замойски (Польша)

Dr. Yan Zamoysky (Warsaw), The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, According to the Records of the Polish Foreign Service, 1928-1938. Novaia i Noveishaia istoriia, 1, 1998. The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad developed herself historically against the background of the White Russian...



Dmitry Anashkin,”We Need to Explain Calmly the Reasons for One Error or Another”

Conducted by Deacon Andrei Psarev. Translated by Priestmonk Alexis Lisenko

Moscow March 5, 2014

Д. П. Анашкин, «Надо спокойно объяснять причины той или другой ошибки» Reader Dmitry Anashkin is an instructor at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville NY and the author of two monographs on the history of the Russian Church in the...


Church People

Интервю с Ю.П. Рудневым

Беседовал диакон Андрей Псарев, расшифровка Игорь Новокрещенов

Франкфурт-на-Майне Беседа была записана по телефону 15 октября, 2010 г.

д. Андрей Псарев: Мы с Вами говорили больше года назад, и я вот только смог добраться сейчас снова, чтобы продолжить наше общение, если Вы не возражаете. Юрий Руднев: Да, пожалуйста. АП. В прошлый раз когда мы беседовали, Вы рассказали о...


«Сердце и душа верующего англичанина не исчерпываются утилитарными целями и планами»: отношения Митрополита Антония (Храповицкого) с англиканами

Митрополит Антоний первый предстоятель Русской Зарубежной Церкви – известной своим непримиримым отношением к экуменическому движению – поддерживал тесные контакты с англиканами. На основании многочисленных документов в статье анализируется как личное отношение митрополита Антония к англиканам, так и в целом его...


Инокиня Лия (Хованская)

диакон Андрей Псарев

Rasaphor Nun Lea

  Из тех людей, которые мне повстречались на жизненном пути особую, светлую память храню я о Лидии Павловне Хованской.  Юность Лидии проходила в Чувашии, в тяжелых послевоенных условиях. Было большим достижением, что она выучилась на почтальона. Церковь была ее жизнью...


Геннадий Бусыгин

Диакон А. Псарев

Бусыгин Геннадий Геннадиевич родился 21 апреля 1937 г. в  Ленинграде. Отец его был военным летчиком и происходил из вятских крестьян, мать родилась в Санкт-Петербурге в семье типографа-печатника и большую часть своей жизни проработала на швейном заводе и Ломоносовском фарфоровом заводе. ...



On Anglican Involement in Russian Church Affairs in West Berlin

The Rev. Canon Herbert Montague Waddams was the general secretary of the Church of England’s Council on Foreign Relations (1945-1959). Waddams is considered to be an expert on Russian Orthodoxy and actively participated in theological dialogue between the Russian Orthodox...



No Snow on Their Boots by Vasilii Zakharov

The author is a descendent of the first Russian emigration to Britain. His book covers the story of the First Russian Tank Detachment of the British Army and tells the reader about prominent White emigre families, explaining how people lived...



Bishop Nikolai of London, Vicar of the Diocese of Paris & Western Europe

Bishop Nikolai (Ivan Ilyich Karpov) of London, Vicar of the Diocese of Paris & Western Europe



“Святитель Иоанн не шёл на компромиссы, ни с самим собой, ни с ситуациями”

Мария Решетникова, беседовал диакон Андрей Псарев

Джорданвилл, Н.Й. 24 мая, 2014 г.

“St. John Didn’t go in for Compromises, Neither With Himself Nor With situations”

Первые восемь лет я купалась в эйфории, в Белой эмиграции, и это оправдано, потому что я открыла для себя новую историю, которой в Советском Союзе не было. Потом понадобилось ещё пять лет последних, чтобы понять, что своего рода идеология существует по обе стороны баррикад, и истинная история произошедшего после 17-го года или даже начиная с начала века, в Первую Мировую войну, и что касается предательства царя и т.д., - лежит посередине.