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Belosselsky Fund Supports ROCOR Studies with Translation Grant

Our sponsors

The American-Russian Aid Association, Otrada Inc., which is based near Novo-Diveevo Monastery and of which the Prince Sergei S. Belosselsky Fund is a part, has sponsored again a series of English translations for our site. Thanks to a grant of $1876, English readers will receive access to such key texts for understanding the history of the ROCOR as chapters from Fr. Mikhail Polskii’s book on the canonical status of the ROCOR, the Pan-Orthodox Conference of 1923, Vladimir Rusak, and others. We hope to begin work on the translations immediately and submit a report on the use of the grant by the end of this year at the latest. ARAA Otrada, Inc., is actively involved in realizing philanthropic projects related to Orthodoxy and Russian culture.

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