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Code of Conduct for Attendees of the Conference “Links between Times: Conclusions and Perspectives: On the Centennial of the Russian Church Abroad”

Code of conduct eng

The aim of the conference that will be held in Belgrade from November 23–25, 2021, is a thoughtful discussion of the past and present of the Russian Church Abroad. In order to accomplish this task, it is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of respect for others’ opinions and a culture of debate in which viewpoints are based on facts rather than private opinions.

It should be remembered that the conference is organized by the Archive of the Serbian Orthodox Church, represented by Dr. Radovan Pilipović, and the Internet site Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad, represented by Deacon Andrei Psarev. We are grateful for the participation of all those who will be attending, and especially those of episcopal rank. Due respect shall be shown for our bishops such as is appropriate at a church gathering. At the same time, it is necessary to keep in mind that at an academic forum, such as the present conference, the views of all participants regardless of degrees, holy orders, or social status are considered of equal value in order to promote academic discussion.

All guests ought to familiarize themselves with the conference schedule and do their best not to delay the start of events (especially panikhida and opening of the conference on Tuesday, departure to Sremski Karlovci on Wednesday). Since there will be many talks given at the conference and questions will be asked not only by participants in the room, but also those who have joined online, questions should be thought through beforehand and argued concisely. One ought to keep in mind that those attending in person also have the opportunity to put questions to speakers outside the conference sessions. Therefore, there will be times when the questions of those online will be given preference during the academic symposium.

Taking part in the conference implies agreeing to these rules.







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