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Representatives of the ROCOR Diocese of Chicago to Attend Conference

Representatives of the ROCOR Chicago Diocese

The ROCOR Synod will be represented by Archbishop Peter (Lukianoff)

Archbishop Peter of Chicago and Mid-America, the rector of the diocesan Pastoral School, is to attend the conference as a guest of honor. Vladyka Peter will preside at the Panikhida for the “archpastors, pastors, architects, and workers of the Russian diaspora, the elect sons and daughters of the Church of Russia, who faithfully toiled for the sake of Her unity, benefit, and glory in the arenas of piety, education, administration, the protection of the oppressed, and for the memory of the New Martyrs and Confessors.” His Eminence will be accompanied by Archpriest Gregory Joyce, the diocesan secretary and dean of the Pastoral School.

Vladyka Peter, who knew Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco closely during the final years of his life, will share his memories of this ROCOR bishop who became a universally venerated saint. Archbishop Peter is an alumnus of Belgrade University Faculty of Theology and Holy Trinity Orthodox  Seminary, where he taught for many years. The conference will be enriched by Vladyka Peter and Fr. Gregory’s presence, and through Vladyka Peter, a member of the ROCOR Council of Bishops and Synod, a connection will be established between this academic event and the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

You may learn more about the conference following this link.

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