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History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from Its Beginning to the Present. Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Part I: The Establishment and Structure of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Until 1944/45

Chapter 1: The Russian Civil War and the Establishment of the Higher Church Authority      (1918- 1920).

Chapter 2: From the Evacuation of the Higher Church Authority Until the Resettlement in Sremsky-Karlovtsy (November 1920 – July 1921).

Chapter 3: From the Karlovtsy Council in 1921 Until the Schism in the Church Emigration in 1926.

Chapter 4: Church Development in the Years 1926-1928.

Chapter 5: The Consolidation of the Church Abroad and Its Further Development in the Years After the Schism (1926-1939).

Chapter 6: The Last Years of the Karlovtsy Emigration.

Part II: The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Since 1945

Chapter 1: The Losses Suffered by the Church Abroad in Eastern Europe, China, Manchuria, and Palestine in the Years 1944-49.

Chapter 2: The Restoration of Church Life and the 1946 Council of Bishops.

Chapter 3: The Years of the Munich Emigration (1945-49) and the Transfer of the Synod of Bishops to the United States.

Chapter 4: The Rebuilding of Church Life Since 1950.

Chapter 5: The Dioceses and Institutions of the Church Abroad at the Present Time (1998).

Chapter 6: The Millennium Celebrations of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Part III: The Structure of the Church Abroad

Chapter 1: The Synod of Bishops.

Chapter 2: The Council of Bishops.

Chapter 3: The All-Diaspora Council.

Part IV: Church Life

Chapter 1: The Dioceses and Parishes.

Chapter 1.1: The Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem and the Diaspora in Africa and Asia.

Chapter 1.2: The Communities in Eastern Europe.

Chapter 1.3: The Dioceses in China and Manchuria.

Chapter 1.4: The Dioceses in the United States.

Chapter 1.5: The Dioceses in Canada.

Chapter 1.6: The Dioceses in South America.

Chapter 1.7: The Dioceses in Western Europe and Great Britain Chapter 1.8: The Dioceses in Germany and Austria.

Chapter 1.9: The Dioceses of Australia and New Zealand.

Chapter 2: The Monasteries and Convents of the Church Abroad and Their Significance For the Church Life of the Emigration.

Chapter 3: The Printing Presses and Publishing Houses.

Chapter 4: The Education of Priests and the Theological Institutes.

Chapter 5: Church Schools.

Chapter 6: Missionary Activities

Chapter 7: The Sacred Arts.

Part V: The Relations Between the Church Abroad and Other Christian Churches

Chapter 1: The Relationship to the Moscow Patriarchate.

Chapter 2: The Relationship to the Russian Emigre Churches.

Chapter 3: The Relationship to Orthodox Local Churches.

Chapter 4: The Church Abroad and Non-Orthodox Churches.

Part VI: Comprehensive Index of the Bishops of the Church Abroad With Short Biographies

Part VII: Documents




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