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History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from Its Beginning to the Present. Table of Contents

History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from Its Beginning to the Present (1983)

Table of Contents



Part I: The Establishment and Structure of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Until 1944/45

Chapter 1: The Russian Civil War and the Establishment of the Higher Church Authority (1918- 1920).

Chapter 2: From the Evacuation of the Higher Church Authority Until the Resettlement in Sremsky-Karlovtsy (November 1920 – July 1921).

Chapter 3: From the Karlovtsy Council in 1921 Until the Schism in the Church Emigration in 1926.

Chapter 4: Church Development in the Years 1926-1928.

Chapter 5: The Consolidation of the Church Abroad and Its Further Development in the Years After the Schism (1926-1939).

Chapter 6: The Last Years of the Karlovtsy Emigration.

Part II: The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Since 1945

Chapter 1: The Losses Suffered by the Church Abroad in Eastern Europe, China, Manchuria, and Palestine in the Years 1944-49.

Chapter 2: The Restoration of Church Life and the 1946 Council of Bishops.

Chapter 3: The Years of the Munich Emigration (1945-49) and the Transfer of the Synod of Bishops to the United States.

Chapter 4: The Rebuilding of Church Life Since 1950.

Chapter 5: The Dioceses and Institutions of the Church Abroad at the Present Time (1998).

Chapter 6: The Millennium Celebrations of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Part III: The Structure of the Church Abroad

Chapter 1: The Synod of Bishops.

Chapter 2: The Council of Bishops.

Chapter 3: The All-Diaspora Council.

Part IV: Church Life

Chapter 1: The Dioceses and Parishes.

Chapter 1.1: The Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem and the Diaspora in Africa and Asia.

Chapter 1.2: The Communities in Eastern Europe.

Chapter 1.3: The Dioceses in China and Manchuria.

Chapter 1.4: The Dioceses in the United States.

Chapter 1.5: The Dioceses in Canada.

Chapter 1.6: The Dioceses in South America.

Chapter 1.7: The Dioceses in Western Europe and Great Britain Chapter 1.8: The Dioceses in Germany and Austria.

Chapter 1.9: The Dioceses of Australia and New Zealand.

Chapter 2: The Monasteries and Convents of the Church Abroad and Their Significance For the Church Life of the Emigration.

Chapter 3: The Printing Presses and Publishing Houses.

Chapter 4: The Education of Priests and the Theological Institutes.

Chapter 5: Church Schools.

Chapter 6: Missionary Activities

Chapter 7: The Sacred Arts.

Part V: The Relations Between the Church Abroad and Other Christian Churches

Chapter 1: The Relationship to the Moscow Patriarchate.

Chapter 2: The Relationship to the Russian Emigre Churches.

Chapter 3: The Relationship to Orthodox Local Churches.

Chapter 4: The Church Abroad and Non-Orthodox Churches.

Part VI: Comprehensive Index of the Bishops of the Church Abroad With Short Biographies

Part VII: Documents




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