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History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from Its Beginning to the Present (1983)

History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from Its Beginning to the Present (1983)

The only comprehensive academic monograph on the history of the Russian Church Abroad (1920-1983), which is available in English.

From the Editor

With the permission of the author and the publisher, we are now beginning to serialize a much-anticipated project on the history of the Russian Church Abroad. The German original (Geshichte der Russischen Orthodoxen Kirche im Ausland von der Grundung bis in die Gegenwart) was authored by Dr. Gernot Seide, and published originally in 1983 by Otto Harrasowitz. After its publication, Dr. Seide was received into Orthodoxy with the name of George and was subsequently ordained a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Fr. George has written numerous articles on Russian Orthodoxy, and three books on the Russian Church Abroad. To the best of my knowledge, this monograph remains the only academic work on the ROCOR that covers so much of its history. The reference appendices of this book are of particular value, as they contain, inter alia, biographies of the entire ROCOR episcopate. This valuable resource has many advantages: It analyzes ROCOR’s relationship with other Orthodox Churches and non-Orthodox Christians, studies schisms within the Russian ecclesiastical emigration, and demonstrates Church dynamic. It is a point of debate, however, whether it might have been preferable for the author to adopt a less apologetic and more critical approach.

Translated from the German by Jacqueline Xenia Endres-Nenchin with the assistance of Reader Isaac Lambertsen. Edited by Hierodeacon Samuel Nedelsky and Reader Isaac Lambertsen. Bibliographical references in the endnotes are given in abbreviation. The references in full are available in the Bibliography section. In recent years Dr. Enderes-Nenchin worked hard on returning the translation to its original unrevised form reflecting the 1983 original. However, it was not always possible and thus this work is a “palimpsest” containing the original 1983 text along with 1988 and 1992-1993 revisions. 

Deacon Andrei Psarev,

Translator’s Note

My magnum opus as a translator from German to English is finally fully revised and serialized.his translation was begun in 1988 with the permission of the author, Dr. Gernot Seide. It was completed in 1991, but a series of obstacles arose at the time, resulting in this lengthy delay in publication. In its current form, it is a palimpsest, comprising the original 1983 text along with two later revisions. The original German text was 460 pages in length, and the revisions lengthened it. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my dear friend, the late Fr. Joseph Isaac Lambertsen, who edited the final version; Fr. Samuel Nedelsky who updated and edited it; Schema-Archimandrite Alexis (Pobjoy), who edited the earliest version of the translation; my dear late friend Dr. Helen Cynthia Stallman Pacitti of the University of Melbourne, who gave me the book and encouraged me to translate it, and to my friend Dr. Andrei Psarev, without whom this edition would not have been published. The culmination of this project finally allows the English-speaking world to have access to this unique and important monograph by Dr. Gernot Seide.

Jacqueline Xenia Endres-Nenchin, March 25, 2020

Table of Contents

PART I. The Establishment and Structure of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia until 1944/1945

PART II. The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad since 1945

PART III. The Structure of the Church Abroad

PART IV. Church Life

PART V. The Relations between the Church Abroad & Other Christian Churches

PART VI. Comprehensive Index of the Bishops of the Church Abroad with Short Biographies


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  • Fr George Seide`s book on the History of the Russian Church Abroad is indeed, `one of a kind.` So much so, nothing exists that can even be compared to this book. I remember hearing about this book being published in German; the Synod of Bishops announced it, and announced a forthcoming Russian and English translation. That was a very long time ago! I only wish to convey thanks to Xenia, Isaac and Fr Samuel for thier labors, and to Fr Deacon Andrei for arranging for the book to appear on the ROCOR Studies website.

    • The publication of the “Comprehensive Index of the Bishop… ” was updated by the publishers of my book. At the end of my biography of Metropolitan Vitalij the publisher added the following sentence: “In 2001 he retired due to memory loss”. I was scandilized by this sentence of disregard according to the merits of Metropolitan Vitalij as a bishop of the ROCOR who celebrated his 50th aniversary of his bishop ordination the day before his “retirement”.
      From 2001 to 2006 Metropolitan Vitalij lived in the Tranfiguration Skete where he was burried at the cemetry of the skete.
      For further informations of these years: www. Russkaja Provoslavnaja Cerkov zarubeznaja( (Vitalija).

    • Hello Donald,

      Were you perhaps once a US-2 in the United Methodist Church? I am trying to find a Don Shufran from that group and wonder if you might be him?

      Thank you for your time,
      Kate Singer

  • Здравствуйте, а есть эта книга на русском языке?

  • Thank you for posting this! I’ve wanted to read this for a very long time, but didn’t know where to find a copy!

  • Hello,
    I would like to ask if i can find somewhere the missing parts from this list?!?
    i.e. Part IV, capters 1.8 and 1.9; 5, 6; Part V, all Capters: 1,2,3,4

    Thank you!

  • What do You mean back? Where exaclty should i check?
    Can you send me a link or something?
    Thank you!

  • Supplement to the bibliography (among other publikation between 1989- 2002)

    Georg Seide: Verantwortung in der Diaspora. Die Russische Orthodoxe Kirche im Ausland. Kyrill& Method Verlag. München 1989 , 369 pages

    This book is an “abriged edition” with more than 100 photos and was published in 1989 because the above mentioned “Geschichte…” was too expensive (164,-DM) while the price of “Verantwortung” amounted to 40,- DM
    With Love in Christ George Seide 27.03.2020

  • Dear Father George,

    In the biography of Metropolitan Vitaly, I’ve removed a reference to his memory loss. In December of 1989 in St. Job of Pochaev monastery, you gave me a copy of Verantwortung in der Diaspora. This inscribed copy is now in the library of Holy Trinity Seminary along with Geschichte der Russischen Orthodoxen Kirchen im Ausland, which you inscribed to Archbishop Laurus. Thank you for being a pioneer of academic studies of the Russian Church Abroad!
    Deacon Andrei Psarev,

  • Dear Father Andrei,
    thank you for removing “the memory loss” in the biography of metropolitan Vitalij and your help by editing the manuscript.
    In the midst 80th I handed the book over to metropolitan Pitirim (Necaev) during his visit to Munich and he promised me to translate it into Russian because “it is very important for the Russian Church”. Maybe there exist a Russian copy in the dep. of foreigne affairs of the MP?

    Another exemplar I gave to Protierej Vladimir Vorobèv from St. Tichon Institut in 1995 when I visited Moscow as German representative of NATO delegation with the Russian Defence Ministry. I received from Father Vladimir the Akty svjt. Patriarcha Tichona.
    With Love in Christ George Seide 30.03.2020

  • Dear Father George,
    I am not aware of any Russian translations of “Verantwortung.” In 1989 or 1990, while still in Moscow, I commissioned the Russian translation of your 1983 edition of Die Russische Orthodoxe Kirche im Ausland. I have the handwritten manuscript of this translation and now have to hire someone to type it up and then to edit. I believe this is a very abridged version of “Geschichte…”, which can be posted on my website as Russian synopsis to the English translation of your “Geschichte…” If you have the full bibliography of your works would you mind posting it here as a response to this comment? Yours in Christ, Deacon Andrei

    • From my book “Verantwortung in der Diaspora…” the first part up to 1945 was translated into Russian and edited by Izdatel`stvo Sergeja Xodova Kriga St. Peterburg 2022″ under “Istoricesskij Put`Russk. Prav. Cerkve. K istorii russk rassejanie: 1917-1945 gg. Stanovlenie i razvitie RPCZ 318 str.
      Greetings G. Seide

  • Here a list of my publications, (only those concerning Church history)
    Greeting Gernot Georg Seide 01.04.2020

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    – Die Russische Orthodoxe Kirche im Ausland. Kurzer Abriß ihrer Geschichte mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der deutschen Diözese, München 1983.
    – Verantwortung in der Diaspora. Die Russische Orthodoxe Kirche im Ausland. München 1989
    – Russische orthodoxe Kirche zu Ehren des Hl. Nikolaus des Wundertäters in Stuttgart München 1989
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  • eorg Seide:
    List of journals to above bibliography :
    Bote : Bote der deustschen Diözese der ROKA (Vestnik Germanskoj Ep.) München
    Gl2W : Glaube 2 Welt Zürich
    Kyrios : Vierteljahresschrift für Kirchen- und Geistesgeschichte Osteuropas. Berlin
    OE : Osteuropa. Zeitschrift für Gegenwartsfragen des Ostens. Stuttgart
    OS : Ostkirchliche Studien der Augustiner. Würzburg

  • Dear Father George,

    Thank you very much for sharing your bibliography with us. I hope you don’t mind my publishing the Russian translation of your 1983/2001 edition of Kirche im Ausland on this website.

  • It would be a good idea to have the Russian edition published
    Greetings Georg Seide

  • Hello Fr. George!

    I am interested on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and I find your book very interesting. I would like to translate it in Romanian and publish it on my website.

    Would you agree to give me permission to do so?

    Best regards!

    • Hallo Nicolae,
      ich schreibe auf deutsch, da Du ja mein Buch übersetzen möchtest. Mit einer Übersetzung ins Rumänische bin ich einverstanden, halte das Projekt aber für wenig realistisch, da die englische und russische Übersetzung mehr als 20 Jahre brauchten!
      Vielleicht solltes Du meine zweites Buch “Verantwortung in der Diaspora. Die ROK im Ausland, München 1988 , 370 Seiten” mit vielen Abbildungen nehmen. Ich kann Dir eine Exemplar zusenden, wenn Du mir Deine Postanschrift mitteilst..
      Für weieter Korrespondenzen:
      Viele Grüße Georg Seide

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